St Mary’s School

Pollagh, Co. Offaly R35 K521





2.30 pm

3.30 pm


Premiere of “Pilgrim Road Movie”, a short film shot by Anne & Denis with photographer Kevin O’Dwyer in July 2022 exploring what remains of the medieval roadway used by pilgrims for centuries as they travelled along the Esker Riada - a continuous raised glacial ridge on the landscape formed over 12,000 years ago - on their way to Clonmacnoise. Kevin brings Anne and Denis to visit many pieces of the historic jigsaw that is County Offaly.

Artist Fiona McDonald talks about her recent work in the peatland of County Offaly using sensor technology to explore carbon emissions, as well as other work she has done with environmental data.

3 pm

Join Anne, Denis, Fiona and Kevin for a chat over tea and some locally produced culinary offerings.

4 pm

In the second week in June, we arrive at Pollagh, our first stop on the Grand Canal. Come and see the Mayfly or join us at the school on Saturday 17th in the company of Pollagh Heritage Group and two artists working in the Offaly peatlands.  Artist Fiona McDonald will talk to us about her installation working with envirommental data from the peatlands of Offaly and we will project a short film we made with photographer Kevin O’Dwyer in 2022 exploring what remains of “an Slí Mhór” the medieval roadway used by pilgrims for centuries to walk to Clonmacnoise.

Still from Pilgrim Road Movie, with Kevin O’Dwyer.

Meet Anne & Denis who talk about their two year solar journey on the island’s waterways, show you their studies and observations of nature and tell of their encounters with artists, activists and scientists who explore with them the problems and promises of the freshwater environment.