The Boats

Mayfly and Eco Showboat

The Eco Showboat is an art project aimed at raising awareness of climate change. Supported by the Arts Council, SFI Discover, Creative Ireland, Lawpro and Waterways Ireland. The artists are navigating Ireland’s inland waterways meeting local artists, scientists and communities to spark climate action. In 2022 they travelled south to north up the Shannon and Erne rivers from Limerick to Enniskillen using only solar power. In 2023 they will travel west to east along the Shannon, Grand Canal and Barrow, from Askeaton on the Shannon’s Atlantic estuary to Howth Harbour on the Irish Sea.


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There is a growing awareness that the arts community is uniquely placed to develop conversations around climate change and to generate positive creative action. More than twenty artists from across the country are already engaging with the Eco Showboat to collaborate on climate action, with the help of Creative Ireland and the Arts Council.


An SFI Discover Award, along with continuous support from LAWPRO officers and local authorities across the country, allow the Eco Showboat to develop and host a series of scientific workshops and talks documenting biodiversity and explaining some of the problems and solutions associated with the local and the global environment.


One of the objectives of the Eco Showboat 2022 Expedition is to allow the artists to make “River Movie” exploring the beauty of the Shannon and the Erne waterways, and to reflect on scientific and artistic ideas for how we can save this environment from everything that threatens it today - pollution, invasive and endangered species, climate change…


The Eco Showboat is currently touring on the Mayfly, a small converted yacht fitted out with an inboard electric motor powered by a battery bank charged by a solar array. Work is in progress on fitting out a second, larger, boat - the 48M, a heritage barge built in 1929 - as a zero carbon arts platform to navigate the Grand and Royal Canals.