Askeaton Community Centre

The Quay, Askeaton, Co. Limerick

Above: Michele Horrigan, Stigma Damages, 2021





2.30 pm

Askeaton artist Michele Horrigan shows work she has made about the environmental presence and impact of Aughinish Alumina, Ireland’s largest industrial complex, and Europe’s biggest bauxite refinery, which has been a focus of her art for many years. She discusses the activism of her work in the context of Eco Feminism which holds that western patriarchal society has directly caused irreversible environmental damage.

Michele is joined by local environmental activists Liz Gabbett, Liam O’Sullivan and Michael O’Connor to discuss some of the environmental threats that the people of Askeaton face, in particular the recent pollution of the Deel River.

3 pm

Join Anne, Denis, Michele, Liz, Liam and Michael for a chat over tea and some locally produced culinary offerings.

4.30 pm

We set off on our Journey to the East from the town of Askeaton on the River Deel, just off the Shannon estuary, in the last week of April. Come and see the Mayfly at New Quay before she leaves, or come and see us at the Community Centre on Saturday 22 April (programme below) in the company of several local environmental activists who will tell us about some of the ecological threats that Askeaton faces. Our special guest is local artist Michele Horrigan who has been investigating the environmental impact of the Aughinish Alumina industrial complex for several years.

MEET THE INVERTEBRATES - Local ecologists show you some of the little creatures that live in our waterways, and tell you about endangered species, invasive species and other problems facing fresh water environments.

2.30 pm - 5 pm

Above: River Deel at Askeaton

Meet Anne & Denis who talk about their two year solar journey on the island’s waterways, show you their studies and observations of nature and tell of their encounters with artists, activists and scientists who explore with them the problems and promises of the freshwater environment.

Askeaton Ballysteen Natural Heritage, 2022