For many years we have worked with reseachers at the Vision Lab, Université Paris Descartes and at the School of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University. More recently we have been collaborating with
CÚRAM Centre for Research in Medical Devices in Galway. Research is central to our practice and why we call ourselves a school.

Denis working with David Byrne

NYC, 2017

Salammbo Connolly presents the prototype at the Seeing Colors Symposium in Regensburg, September 2016

Yellow/Blue Project workshops for David Byrne’s Theatre of the Mind, Governors Island, NYC, October 2017.

 We worked with Dr. Patrick Cavanagh (Harvard School of Psychology/Vision Lab, Paris Descartes) to create the Equiluminance Helmet through 2015 - 2016, and presented it at the Seeing Colors Symposium at Regenberg University in September 2016.  In 2017 we published a scientific paper on that experience with Patrick (and our daughter Salammbo as principle author). Since then the helmet has gone on to New York to be part of David Byrne’s upcoming production on art and neuroscience, and we will bring it to the Tate Modern, London in March, 2018.

Yellow/Blue Project design studies 2015

Anne working with Patrick Cavanagh

Paris, 2013


Goggles at Westside Community Centre

CURAM Residency


School of Looking residency at

CÚRAM Centre for Research in Medical Devices, 2017-18

Gráinne Nielsen, Doctoral Candidate at CÚRAM, talks to Anne Cleary about light sheet microscopy, November 2017

 In 2017 CÚRAM Centre for Research in Medical Devices and Galway City Arts Office co-commissioned a collaborative community Science & Art project to connect CÚRAM and the Westside  Community. We are collaborating with several researchers who are investigating the processes of vision to produce an experimental artwork for the Westside Community Centre in Galway.

With CÚRAM outreach officer Claire Riordan at the Ploughing Championships, October 2017

With CÚRAM at the Ploughing Championships, October 2017

DCU researchers David Monaghan, Noel O’Connor and Phil Kelly with Denis for the launch of Hall of Mirrors, Farmleigh, Dublin, 2012

Real Time Rolling Shutter

with DCU researcherDavid Monaghan and

Conor Gallagher, 2012

Paper published in

i-Perception, May-June 2017 on the Equiluminance Helmet

Yellow/Blue Project . Design study 2017