Change Your Stripes

Lumiere Durham


Change Your Stripes Lumiere Derry


Pourquoi pas toi? Pompidou Centre, Paris 2008-2009

Hall of Mirrors


Dublin, 2012

 Change Your Stripes has delighted audiences in places as far apart as Yokohama, Sao Paolo and Paris since we first started to experiment with interactive software in 2005. Composed of undulating series’ of black and white stripes, the work resembles a giant abstract painting, or perhaps a zebra crossing, until you step into the projection and the stripes come too life. Silhouettes are captured and repeated in a cascading stream, dancing and sparring with other silhouettes.

[…] But then, real drama. On the wall of the former Stardust dance hall in the Bogside, Cleary Connolly's Change Your Stripes, an interactive projection that wobbled and morphed according to how visitors danced in front of it, as if they were notes, and it, a vast piece of sheet music. This work would be engaging in any city (it has already travelled to Paris and Dublin) but stumbling on it among the end-of-terrace murals for which this part of Derry is well known, it had a particular power. While those paintings are calcified, speaking only of entrenchment and sorrow, this mural was vividly alive, talking to the future, and all its endless possibilities.
Rachel Cook. The Observer. 30 November 2013  
Lumiere Derry Festival 2013

After our first experiments in Yokohama, we designed a large double channel version for the Pompidou Centre in Paris in 2008-2009, which traveled to Sao Paulo, Lausanne and Dublin. In Derry (2012) and Durham (2014), it was shown outdoors, allowing the piece to be visible from many vantage points in the city, bringing a whole new and very exciting urban aspect to the artwork.

Dublin Contemporary 2011

Lausanne Dance


Yokohama Triennale


Sesc Pompéia

Sao Paulo

Brazil, 2009

Pourquoi pas toi? Pompidou Centre, Paris 2008-2009