“Their work habitually combines technological sophistication and easy accessibility: they actively involve the public as few other artists manage to do. In fact, their practice has consistently progressed to be increasingly collaborative with other artists, curators and audiences.”
The Irish Times. 29 May 2013 http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/art-and-design/visual-art/tricks-and-time-travel-at-the-casino-marino-1.1408908shapeimage_7_link_0

“Challenging the laws of perception and preconceived notions of reality, the artists highlight how the same environment can be experienced in a number of radically different ways depending on who is looking”  
Time Out Paris,  January 15th 2015 press_files/The%20Meta-Perception%20Club%20%7C%20Centre%20culturel%20irlandais%20%7C%20Time%20Out%20Paris-1.jpgshapeimage_16_link_0