We travel constantly, touring our captivating interactive artworks to festivals worldwide.  Through our work and our interventions, we reach out and communicates with people, sharing our passion for art and science, and challenging people to question the world through their eyes.

Euro 2016, Hotel de Ville, Paris

Barbican Weekender, London, 2010

Dutch Wax. Installation. Dublin Contemporary 2011


Limerick City of Culture, 2014

Liverpool Festival, 2016

Lumiere Durham, 2015

Denis Connolly talks at the Kilkenny Arts Festival 2015

“People are very happy to learn, the children particularly are very curious, and that gives me a lot of satisfaction... they have found something totally new and original in Liverpool...”
A member of the public during the Liverpool Festival, October 2015https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFw21FMB5joshapeimage_14_link_0
But then, real drama. On the wall of the former Stardust dance hall in the Bogside, Cleary Connolly's Change Your Stripes, an interactive projection that wobbled and morphed according to how visitors danced in front of it, as if they were notes, and it, a vast piece of sheet music. This work would be engaging in any city (it has already travelled to Paris and Dublin) but stumbling on it among the end-of-terrace murals for which this part of Derry is well known, it had a particular power. While those paintings are calcified, speaking only of entrenchment and sorrow, this mural was vividly alive, talking to the future, and all its endless possibilities.
Rachel Cook. The Observer. 30 November 2013  
Review of Lumiere Derry Festival 2013

Launch of Biotopia, Munich, 2017

Europe Day, Hotel de Ville, Paris, May 2013

Workshop in Waterford during the Metaperception Tour, 2015