As qualified architects we ensure that our permanent artworks are both beautiful and durable, so that they can continue to share their secrets for many years. Our Historioscopes, commissioned for the historic Marconi Telegraph Station, are constructed in hand crafted aluminium and incorporate screen printed photographs on tempered glass, to ensure that the artworks won’t fade or deteriorate over time, despite the severe weather conditions of West Galway.

Commissioned to create permanent site specific artworks that engages with people over the whole lifespan of the work, our goal is to encourage people to think creatively in the everyday world, integrating explorations of visual perception, references to the history of art and science, mathematical precepts, colour theory and reflections on time into perrenial works integrated into a particular place, community and local history.

My feet don’t touch the ground, Permanent installations, Ardscoil Na Mara, Tramore, 2014

Walkers of Air, Permanent Installations Loreto Kilkenny, 2015

Run River Run: 18 permanent installations

Galway University Hospital, 2016

Historioscopes: 10 permanent installations, Marconi Station, Clifden, 2016

On Sight, 4 permanent stereoscopic installations

Lough Lannagh, Co. Mayo. 2012


Colour Wheels, Permanent installation, University of Limerick, 2011

Day One Today, permanent installation, Limerick School of Art & Design 2009

“Their work habitually combines technological sophistication and easy accessibility: they actively involve the public as few other artists manage to do.”
The Irish Times. 29 May 2013