Colour theory gives an excellent bridge between art and science, and many of our works start with its beautiful clarity. Colour Wheels, for example - a permanent light installation for Limerick University - superimposes red, green and blue projected light to make white light circles in which a person will cast three shadows, one in each of the secondary colours…shapeimage_2_link_0

In the Picture

The Barbican, London


Colour Wheels

Permanent installation

University of Limerick


Pourquoi pas toi ?

Centre Pompidou

Paris, 2008-09

Dutch Wax

Dublin Contemporary


Still life with…

Hunt Museum

Limerick, 2010

Limerick City of Culture



Complementary Helmet



Equiluminance Helmet

(with David Byrne)

NYC 2017

Beam Splitters



In a recent work session at the University of Limerick, we worked with school children  to make and explore a wearable optical device that tests our perception of colour —how our brain can combine separate colour images in opposite and complementary colours, coming from 2 different eyes, into a single image - and what happens when the brain refuses to do so? This extremely wide ranging workshop incorporated colour theory, light transmission, wavelength, UV and Infra red,  binocular vision, animal vision, and a variety of other subjects related to the experience.

Complementary Goggles

CURAM residency