29 May 2022


Co. Offaly

Through Air and Water

We propose to explore the waterways around Clonmacnoise to capture the sound of wind and the sound of water above and below its surface. 


We will utilise various tools and instruments to assist us in our venture.


We propose to design and construct wind harps and other sonic instruments that are wind and water activated, some hand held and others constructed onsite. These will be designed to interact and play the wind and manifest a range of sounds that give air materiality. We will use microphones and hydrophones to record the sound of surface water and the sub aquatic realm that capture the character and properties of water.


A selection of these field recordings will be randomised to create a multi speaker sound installation on the Mayfly. We will perform an improvised live performances in this context using our own self-made instruments and amplified textures to create an immersive sonic experience where the audience becomes part of this sonic ecosystem.

Mick O’Shea, Irene Murphy, 2020


Mick & Irene performing at the Vortex Club, London, St. Patricks Day 2018