I decided to use the unique position I am in as an artist living on the canal and base my collaboration on working with people living and depending on the waters of the canals, the community of boaters.

My project will investigate on which side of ecosystem we, as humans, position ourselves. The community element here is very open at this point. At present I plan to organize a sort of rally with the purpose of researching the bottom of the Grand Canal (we could get IWAI involved). The video of the process will be made. I envisage it like a day trip, scavenger hunt with the purpose of finding something, an artefact. The very creative community of boaters will be invited to analyse one of the items lifted from the canal and create an artwork in the discipline they work. I know there are musicians, poets, graphic designers, painters, animators, photographers, ceramicists, and others who are ready to be involved. We could have a collection of great works. There is also an idea of making a collective sculpture out of discussed elements as a more permanent outcome.

The analogy of looking at plants that are invasive and work of man who on one hand helps to protect and support the ecosystem but on the other hand is a main perpetrator in the process of eco devastation is an interesting one.

Marta Golubowska, 2021



Culture Night

23 September

Lowtown, Co. Kildare