Hunt Museum / Custom House Quay




2.30 pm

Kevin Wallace tells us about Korean methods of urban farming and how he has been applying them in Limerick City, and artists Chelsea Canavan and Deirdre Power discuss their collaborations with the Eco Showboat in 2021-2022, and the work that they continued with the waterside community in Limerick, exploring social and ecological questions in the urban context.

3 pm

Join Anne, Denis, Kevin, Chelsea and Deirdre for a chat over tea and some locally produced culinary offerings.

4.30 pm

Come and see the Mayfly, moored at Custom House Quay during the last week in April in preparation for the Riverfest, or join us at the Hunt Museum on Saturday 29 April with Limerick artists Chelsea Canavan & Deirdre Power and urban farmer Kevin Wallace.

The Mayfly Flag installed on the facade of Curraghgour Boatclub, Chelsea Canavan & Deirdre Power, 2022

MEET THE INVERTEBRATES - Eco Showboat resident marine biologist Rachel O'Malley shows you some of the little creatures that live in our waterways, and Helena Brady tells you about endangered species, invasive species and other problems facing fresh water environments.

2.30 pm - 5 pm

FoodPrint Workshop

11.30 am

THE MAYFLY FLAG - exhibition

Commissioned by the Eco Showboat Project, the Mayfly Flag was chosen for The Flag Project 2022 at Rockefeller Center. This giant banner of the Mayfly was printed to launch the Eco Showboat expedition in 2022 and will once again be visible for Riverfest 2023.

Join artists Chelsea Canavan and Deirdre Power on a creative journey, exploring the collective carbon footprints of the food we eat. With playful and exploratory outcomes, the workshop will respond the global food market, its inherent impacts and the importance of our local producers.

Meet Anne & Denis who talk about their two year solar journey on the island’s waterways, show you their studies and observations of nature and tell of their encounters with artists, activists and scientists who explore with them the problems and promises of the freshwater environment.


Kevin Wallace, founder of New Leaf Urban Farmers in Co Limerick