Marie Hanlon


Installation at College Lane Gallery

Abbey Street, Howth, Co. Dublin D13 CC83

06 - 24 September 2023

Wednesdays - Sundays 12 - 4 pm or

by appointment @college_lane_ gallery


2.30 pm

3 pm


Meet Anne & Denis and hear about their two year solar journey on the Ireland’s waterways, their studies and observations of nature and their encounters with artists, activists and scientists who explore with them the problems and promises of the freshwater environment.

Join Anne, Denis, Marie and Jobst Graeve at College Lane Gallery for a chat over tea and some locally produced culinary offerings.

College Lane Gallery hosts Marie Hanlon’s installation SALT / WATER for the final episode of our Eco Showboat 2023 Expedition, a journey to the east ending in the saltwater of Howth Harbour.

On September 9th the Mayfly will dock in the salt water of Howth Harbour. Just as most freshwater flows to the sea, this final stop marks a fitting end to the Eco Showboat’s  journey. Marie Hanlon’s installation Salt / Water will be hosted by College Lane Gallery, 26 Abbey Street. The installation will deal with the complex relationship between salt and freshwater.

All salt originated in the sea. Mined varieties such as Himalayan pink and black rock salt were once part of the seabed. Much of the earth’s surface is covered with water, but less than three per cent is drinkable and this includes freshwater locked in the ice. Perhaps the greatest threats to life today are seawater gain and freshwater loss. Melting polar ice is causing sea level rise, whereas the more complex effect of glacier melt is a loss of freshwater for huge numbers of the population.

Water is essential to all life and irreplaceable by any other substance, but freshwater is a fixed entity – the earth cannot make more than it already has. With the world population rising rapidly greater volumes of water are required while availability is reducing due to climate change. A response to increasing water shortages is offered by desalination, but how viable a solution is drinkable seawater?

Marie Hanlon will address these concerns in her installation Salt / Water for the final stop of the Eco Showboat’s two year journey on the waterways of Ireland.

Marie Hanlon

Salt / Water

Marie Hanlon

For the Eco Showboat at Howth

Desalination outflow pipe. Video still

Reverse osmosis room, Nuevo Canal de Cartegena desalination plant,  Spain.

Glacier melt water. Video still

Calving ice, Glacier Bay, Alaska. Video still