Townhall, 1 Windmill Lane, Dublin 2, D02 F206




Meet Anne & Denis who talk about their two year solar journey on the island’s waterways, show you their studies and observations of nature and tell of their encounters with artists, activists and scientists who explore with them the problems and promises of the freshwater environment.

9:00 pm

Join Anne, Denis and other Eco Showboat artists for a drink to celebrate the end of their river expedition, with projections of commissioned artworks from the two year programme across the island.

372.5 ~ Howth, Kerrie O’Leary, 2022

8:00 pm

We arrive at last in Dublin during the last week in August at Grand Canal Dock. Join us at the Townhall on Windmill Lane for an evening of discussion, music and projection with artists, scientists and environmentalists who have collaborated on the two year Eco Showboat expedition. The Townhall will also host two artworks : a text work by Alan Phelan which references climate change activism and a suspended kinetic artwork by Kerrie O’Leary exploring sea levels.

Music from Indian-Irish duo Anna Tanvir & Maninder Singh who have brilliantly accompanied the Eco Showboat’s Journey to the East in 2023. Anna & Maninder perform their own compositions and folk songs from around the world in many different languages.

9:30 pm

7:00 pm

Artists Marie Hanlon, Alan Phelan and Kerrie O’Leary talk about the work they have each made in Dublin for the Eco Showboat programme.


Dublin artist Alan Phelan will present a text work which references climate change activism which has staged acts of vandalism on famous paintings. Using art as the object in the activist message has been an effective way bring to attention to climate catastrophe, where media outrange delivers strong coverage despite the divisive nature of the action. Phelan issues an invitation to consider participation in this methodology, unaligned however, and more of a statement than a request. The installation will also utilise his signature RGB stripes in creating what is essentially a 3d version of his recent small text paintings, rendered here in cardboard and papier-mâché and printed ripstop fabric.

Kerrie O'Leary is a multimedia artist from Howth, Dublin, who creates visualisations of complex envirommental data that uncover previously unseen connections and patterns. She has just completed an MFA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University, London. Her work is influenced by her undergraduate degree in Management Science and Information Systems, blurring the lines between spreadsheets and creativity to make artworks that surprise and excite.

At Windmill Lane she is creating 372.5 ⁓ Dublin Bay a suspended kinetic artwork using data and technology to demonstrate the shifting of water in Dublin Bay, a visual representation of natures complexities and changing environmental patterns.