Society St, Townparks, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

H53 T320

Join the Eco Showboat artists at Ballinasloe Library to hear about their journey and enjoy a screening of a short film about a little known but important river in East Galway. This is the story of the River Shiven, a Blue Dot river, as it makes its way from Cloonshivna to Muckanagh near Ballygar where it meets the River Suck. Blue Dot waters are our best quality waters, with the highest ecological quality and a greater diversity of species that are sensitive to pollution. The film is produced by the Artfarm Collective, a Non Profit Voluntary Arts & Ecology Group based in North County Galway.

2.30PM- 5PM, SATURDAY 10 JUNE 2023


Ballinasloe, Co. Galway


On Saturday the team are at Ballinasloe Harbour to launch the new musical Mayfly art installation, hot off the press and never experienced by the public before. Working with Nicholas Ward, an engineer from UL, using sensors and arduino boards, the  artists have turned Mayfly into a sound artwork.

And right through the afternoon fresh water ecologist Rachel O’Malley introduces you to some of the little creatures that live in our waterways. These fascinating and endearing little creatures—the Caddisfly, the Mayfly Nymph and many others—are indispensable for the health of our waterways as well as important indicators of water quality. 



Sheila Flanagan shooting her film on the River Shiven, 2021