Alan Phelan has revived an early colour photography process over the past few years that was invented by John Joly who was born in Offaly. He was a physicist and professor of geology at Trinity College during his career there from 1876 to 1933. Phelan expands his work around Joly beyond photography to look into Joly's other scientific achievements and speculates how they laid the foundation for the current climate change debate. For his talk on EcoSunday on 10 July, he will discuss the many fascinating intersections between Joly's research, personal life, and achievements that have been mostly forgotten from in geology, the colour spectrum and climate awareness into queer ecology. To signal these connections Phelan will make temporary sculpture interventions around the town using the signature colours of red, green and blue which form the basis for the additive colour photography method Joly invented.



10 July 2022


Co. Offaly

Hans Memling 1490, when the prophetic extinction occurred


Joly screen photograph: toned gelatin silver sheet film (reverse processed), duraclear c-print screen, acrylic panels, LED panel, MDF support, electrics, archival paper tape, insulation tape